Not all content on this blog is original content, especially the pictures. Most, if not all, of the pictures used are taken from tumblr and if you click or hover over the picture, you will sometimes be able to see details of the url and link it to where it was taken from. Majority of the poems and articles are also not mine as I have taken them from the internet, although the details of the author is usually in the tag section or the title of the post.

Regarding my sims 4 creations, none of the custom content are mine and if you want any of the designers you would have to contact me personally. Also if I have used your content and you would like to be credited, you would also have to contact me personally as well.

If the tags do not contain a foreign name or the post isn’t named after a person, then the work is mine. Majority of the short stories such as aipotsyd II and Young Krusty why you trap so hard? are 100% mine. But once again, if you are unsure or want to be credited for your work, contact me and I will be 100% happy to do whatever you need, whether you want me to take the post down, I honestly don’t mind. It’s your post and you deserve to be acknowledged for you work.

kisses, krusty