CHaRacTeR paGe

This page gives a brief description, including pictures of the characters in my short story series, KARMA. This page will be updated frequently as the story progresses and any new scenes or pictures would be uploaded as well. So make sure to keep up to date with the story unless this might spoil it for you.

Lillian Walters:

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Lillian, most commonly known as Lily, is a 17 year old girl who is finishing her last year in high school. She is the main character of the story and lives alone with her sister, Katie. Lillian has big hopes to move from her small town and into the city to pursue her dreams in dancing and ballet.

Katherine Walters:

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Katherine is Lillian’s eldest sister and her only known living family. Their parents both died in a car crash on a late Friday night, on their way to a fundraiser they were to attend. Luckily for the children, their parents left them with a large sum of money that would keep them happy for most part of their lives. Through out her childhood and early teenage years, Katie has had to take care of the young Lilian. Now that she is matured enough, Katie spends most of her time out late at night with her friends, catching up on the time she’s lost. At only 22, Katie is seen to be one of the prettiest in the small town of Marlton, New Hampshire. She can easily get any guy she wants, including the ones who date her little sister.