To say Tuesday night wasn’t a total mess would be the biggest lie in the history of lies. For some reason, Peyton decided to throw a party that night and told everyone to invite whoever they wanted. I decided to invite Eissa, cause she’s really the only other person that I know attends the College but doesn’t actually live in the dorms with us. Expecting it to be a nice evening with a couple of friends, I dressed up in an elegant creamy-brown, snake-skin inspired dress and made my way downstairs.

By the time I get downstairs, most people have started to arrive and I spot Elissa just as she enters the house.

‘Elissa, wow, you look absolutely stunning.’ Elissa was wearing a simple red shirt-dress and she looked fabulous in it.

‘Thanks Cocoa, I love your dress as well. Where did you get it from?’ I told her I got it online and we decided to have a seat and chat for a bit. Considering that we only see each other during school, we don’t really get to talk much. I learnt so much about her during our chat and I honestly didn’t want it to end.

‘Where’s your toilets?’ Elissa stands up as she asks this.

‘Just up the stairs and the next right.’ We’ve been talking for some time, I figured that I should go mingle with some of the other guests. Making my way out of the living room, I head for the front door to see if anyone else was coming in, the door was left open so I wanted to shut it. That’s when I spotted her. Kendra. I had to stop for a while and blink a few times just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Firstly, how the fuck did Kendra get invited to the party? No-one knows Kendra apart from me and Jake. Jake! Shit, he probably told Peyton to invite her because I snitched about him.

With Kendra standing in-front of me, I am so close to lashing out and hitting her. I haven’t talked to her since I moved schools and I really wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. I take in her outfit and for some reason, she’s decided to rock up in a blue tank top and some workout leggings. Honestly, it didn’t even matter, as long as I get to shout at her, I’m okay.

‘Kendra.’ I say her name like an insult

‘Cocoa, hi! How are you? I haven’t seen you since the time you moved schools ’cause you were to pussy to face your problems head on.’ The nerve of this bitch.

‘Problems?! I have problems? How the FUCK am I the one with problems when I’m not the one who went behind my ‘best friends’ back and slept with her boyfriend? Tell me Kendra! How the fuck do I have problems when I’m not the one who spread the rumour around the school that I got pregnant from cheating on Sean?’ At this moment, I am beyond fuming. Who the hell does she think she is to actually just rock up here and claim I have problems. After all the time that has passed since the incident, I am still unable to wrap my head around her claims. Where did she come up with theses things? Why did she say them? What benefits did they give her? I just don’t understand

‘First of all, you had it coming, you whore. You knew that I’ve always had a thing for Sean. You knew that since 9th grade and then suddenly, when he gives you the slightest bit of attention you fall head over heels for him. You’re such a fucking joke. As if you even believed that he liked you, please, do you know how easy it was for me to seduce him? Do you know how easy it was for me to take off my clothes and cr-‘ I don’t let her finish before I raise my hand a slap her. And I swear to God, it felt so good.

‘Now listen here you dumb bitch, get out of my way and go home. I don’t ever want to see your face again unless you’re coming to apologise for what you did.’ I look her straight in the eye as I say this. ‘Leave Kendra and don’t come back’ As soon as I finished saying my part, I turn around and go back into the house. It’s time for me to get fucking drunk.

I make my way to the bar and pour myself a drink, I’ll need it if I want to get through the night. After finishing two glasses, I decide to go upstairs and get changed, most people have already started making their way out, it was getting dark and there’s school tomorrow. I get to my room, get changed into some exercise clothes, with a little drunken difficulty, and make my way downstairs. My aim is to avoid Peyton and Jack this night at all costs, I don’t want to deal with this situation anymore. I find Hazel sitting down beside the counter, she’s already gotten changed from her all red two piece and I decide to join her. I need to tell her what just happened.

‘Hazel, you will not believe who I just saw’ I say to her as I take a seat beside her.

‘Are you drunk?’

‘I wouldn’t say drunk, just a bit tipsy. But it doesn’t matter, its besides the point. Guess who had the nerve to show up tonight?’ I’m almost falling off my chair as I ask her the question.


‘Fucking Kendra Evans, that’s who’

‘Wait, what? Like the Kendra from your old school?!’

‘Yeah, that bitch. She showed up and accused me of stealing her man or some shit like that. Then I slapped her. And then she called me a whore even though I’m 137% positive that I’m not. Then I almost started crying and I told her to fuck off. But like this is all Peytons’ fault, why did she have to invite fuming Kendra? To be honest, I just want to forget she even exists.’ I am too sad, too tired and way too emotionally drained to care about any of my issues at this moment.

‘Okay hunny, you need to clam down. You’re not making any sense at the moment. How about you go upstairs and get changed, I was just about heading out to meet Johnny at a party on the other side of town, you can come if you want’ Hazel offers.

‘Isn’t it too late? We have school tomorrow.’

‘Just wear the same outfit to class. Easy. Now go upstairs and get changed, when you’re dressed, get a drink and wait outside for the uber. I’ll have a quick chat with Peyton.’ Fine by me, another opportunity to get drunk, I’ll take it.

Peytons POV

Inviting Kendra was one of the best things that I’ve done in a while. Jack redeemed himself by sharing this important bit of information with me. After what Cocoa told me the other day about what Jack texted her, Jack has been following me everywhere I go like a lost puppy, hoping that I can forgive him. It wasn’t until he told me about Kendra that I finally forgave him and boy, was he happy. He grabbed me and kissed me for a good two minutes. If this is all it took to get this much attention from Jack, then I would gladly do it again.

Hazels POV

I’ve always wanted to bash Peytons face in, so when Cocoa told me about what Peyton did by bring Kendra to the party, I was more than happy to start a fight with her. Walking  up to Peyton, I look her straight in the eye and slap her.

‘That’s for bringing Kendra over you dumb bitch’

The stunned look on her face will keep me happy until I am 67 years old, I am sure of it. It takes a while for her to realise what just happened before she gets her act together and hits me back. We have a fight and I obviously win.

‘Stay the fuck away from Cocoa okay? I mean it Peyton.’ I say this to her before I get my stuff and meet Cocoa outside with the uber.

While Peyton and Hazel fight, Cocoa goes to the bar, skulls another drink and waits outside for the uber to come.

As Cocoa is waiting for the uber, she is approached by Jack. He’s noticed that she’s had quite a few drinks in her already and uses that to his advantage.

‘Hey Coke, what are you doing out here by yourself?’

‘Fuck off, you dickhead. I..I don’t wanna talk to you’ Cocoa slurs as she tries to get her words out. Grabbing her by the arm, Jack pulls her closer and whispers in her ear.

‘What I said before is true, I would give up Peyton in a second just to be with you.’ He leans forward and tentatively connects their lips, he knows he’s taking advantage of her but he can’t help himself. Cocoa’s too stunned to do anything than be shocked and stand still. And before she knows it, Jack finishes the kiss and leaves her standing there all alone, looking like a smiling idiot.

Cocoa’s POV

Jack just kissed me! Wait, did Jack just kiss me? I can’t tell Hazel about this, she’ll freak. I wonder how long this can be kept secret until someone finds out. As I think through what just happened, Hazels comes rushing out, looking dishevelled and we get into the uber.

We arrive at the party around 1 in the morning and stay there until around 6, before I make my way to school. Everything that happened since I got out of the uber and made my way to school is a blur, the only thing that I remember is Hazel telling me that she and Johnny had a fight or something like that.

So according to Hazel, I hooked up with a guy called Ethan and somehow, don’t ask me, my shirt came off and so did his. I’m pretty sure she made the whole story up because I do not remember any of this happening.

What I do remember though, is getting to school late and getting shouted at by my teacher. During lunch, I take a seat and tell Elissa what happened after she left.

‘Hey Cocoa, how was your night?’

‘Girl, let me tell you…’

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 4.49.01 pm



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