It’s around 7pm on a Thursday night when I get a message from Hazel saying she has some gossip for me and I should meet her on the second floor, outside the patio. Knowing Hazel, it’s probably nothing and she’s too lazy to come all the way downstairs to fetch me. Feeling unbothered by whatever she has to tell me, knowing she can always tell me later, I go to bed.

Hazels POV

I was on my way to practise shooting some hoops on the basketball court on the patio and as I enter the place, I spot no other than Jack and Payton having a makeup sesh on the couch. For fucks sake, there’s a bed room for a reason.

I figure that I should at least tell Cocoa this, considering the fact that Jack messaged her yesterday stating that he wants to date her and that he’s willing to break up with Payton for her. The sad thing is that I’m not at all surprised by this, I should know, I’ve dated Jack before. I text Cocoa to come upstairs but after 5 minutes with no reply, I take some pics as evidence before I go downstairs to watch some TV, Cocoa will just have to see this later.

Cocoa’s POV

I can’t sleep, I’m way too curious to find out what Hazel wanted to tell me. Considering that it’s been a good 10 minutes since she’s sent the text, Hazel probably isn’t even up in the patio anymore, but I’m still going to go up there, just in-case. When I reach the patio, I know exactly why Hazel wanted me here. Jack and Payton are eating each others faces off, it’s kinda cute how Jack wanted me to consider dating him when the next day, he goes off with Payton. I guess somethings are just not meant to be. Jack’s an asshole, and although I strongly despise Payton, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. I’ll show her the message Jack sent me last night, then its up to her to decide what to do with him.

The next morning, I meet Hazel on the patio and tell her what I’m going to do.

‘Are you serious? She’s a fucking bitch, Payton and Jack are perfect for each other. You don’t need to tell her shit Cocoa, let her find out herself.’ Hazel says to me

‘Hazel, it doesn’t matter if she’s a bitch or not. She needs to know what Jack does behind her back. Besides, I don’t care if you agree with me or not, I’m telling her this morning.’ Hazel needs to understand that no one should be treated this way not even someone like Payton.

‘Okay, cool, whatever C, do your thing. But look at the pics I took of them last night. Oh my gosh, its hilarious.’ She pulls out her phone and shows me the pictures she took of Jack and Payton making out. I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda funny.

Before leaving for school, Cocoa decides to carry through with her plan and tells Payton about what happened between her and Jack. Unsurprisingly, Payton doesn’t take it lightly, she goes up to Jack and has a good rant. She’s angry to say the least. How dare he say that he would drop her for Cocoa?! Their argument is heard by everyone in the dorms thanks to how loud Payton is screaming at Jack.

Jacks’ POV

What a little bitch, as if Cocoa would snitch on me like that. Nah, I need to cool down. What the actual fuck? How can I go from having a nice kiss before bed and an angry girlfriend in the span of less than 13 hours. I head over to the pool where Damien is chilling and join him.

‘Bro, you okay? I heard Payton have a go at you’

‘Yeah, I’m fine. We just had a little argument.’ I decide not to tell him what Cocoa did, it’s none of his business.

‘Your girlfriend’s a bitch, I don’t know why you’re still her man’ Yeah, same here, I think to myself.

Cocoa’s POV

As I walk to my class, I have a bounce to my step. You can’t blame me, I’m kinda proud of myself


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