As Cocoa is introduced to the people she will be sharing a house with for the year, she can’t help but feel a sense of loneliness. Everything and everyone that she knew, she left behind in her old school. If only Cocoa’s best friend Kendra, now ex-best friend, didn’t become a bitch, Cocoa would still be happily living her life. Unfortunately, things happen for a reason and although Cocoa isn’t happy at all about the change, she will try her best to live through it. Who knows, she might even like it here.

‘You must be Cocoa, your boy Jake over here wouldn’t stop talking about you. I’m Hazel by the way’. A girl I’m presuming to be Hazel comes over to introduce herself to me as Jake is showing me around the dormitory.

‘Jake is not my boy, and what the hell, Jake? You knew I was coming?! Why did you act hella surprised when you saw me then?’ I say to Hazel before turning my gaze to Jake.

‘I knew you were coming but I didn’t know you were going to be here so soon, besides, dad said that I should act confused so you won’t find out that your parents sent you here because of me… shit’ Jake says. I knew it! I’ll have to talk to mom after this, I bet this was all Lydia’s idea, that skank. Lydia is my slutty step-mom, I absolutely hate her and she knows it, that’s why she tries to make my life a living hell.

‘Well well well, you must be the bitch Cocoa, the one Jake has been talking about’ Woah, hold up. I turn around and see a girl around my age staring me down, like what the hell? Do I know you? I take a glance at her appearance, she has very light brown hair with green eyes and is relatively thin. Okay, she’s pretty, but that doesn’t give her the right to strut in here calling me a bitch, what the actual fuck?

‘Um, and you are?’ I ask with very limited patience.

‘Oh me? I am Payton Eldridge, in other words, stay in your lane bitch and leave my boyfriend alone’.

Okay, hold up, Jack is dating this psycho?



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