Jack walks in, actually, he strolls in, acting like he owns the place. Well, he technically does. You see, Jack’s father is one of the richest entrepreneurs in the business, Mr. Mitchells knows everything you need to know about owning a business and running a company from the bottom until it’s one of the best in its category. So that’s why it didn’t really surprise me when Mr. Mitchells bought ownership rights to the school. But one thing Mr. Mitchells isn’t so good at doing is looking after his own son. In other words, Jack is a complete asshole. 

My father and Jack’s dad are good friends and as it turns out, Jack and I know each other due to this. We’ve basically known each other since we were 8 and I highly suspect that’s the reason my parents transferred me to this ‘school’ if you can even call it that. Pine Hills Institute is a place where rich parents send their spoilt rich children to finish their education. So I was a bit surprised when Jack walked in, last I heard, he went to Silver Valley all boys school.

‘Hello Mrs. Jensen, what can I do for you today’ Jack says to the receptionist I presume to be Mrs. Jensen. I sit silently beside the entrance, waiting for him to see me.

‘Jack, if you could just show our new student, Cocoa around, that would be lovely’. She says to him as she picks up her phone to answer another phone call.

‘Cocoa?’ He finally turns around and sees me sitting down looking at him.

‘Cocoa?! What are you doing here?’

‘I knew you were dumb, but this is kind of embarrassing Jack, the receptionist just told you I’m the new student who you need to show around. So I would love if you could do that.’ I honestly didn’t mean to be so cold but I had a long flight and I just want to get to my room and rest.

‘Yeah, uh, sure. Sorry. Just uh, follow me, I guess.’ Jack stumbles over his words as he starts to walk out of the office. I’m not going to lie, I kinda feel bad for him, considering that the last conversation we had had been me rejecting his offer to go on a date with him… in front of all his friends. Friends which I am most likely to meet as we head to the dorms.

From what I’ve heard I am the 7th person to be living and attending the institution, and everyone who stays here shares one massive dormitory with every other person. To say I am thrilled and excited to meet new people who I will most likely come to hate me is a lie.

‘Do you know which room I will be staying in, I honestly hope that I don’t have to share with anyone’ I look up at Jack as I say this.

‘You won’t share a room with anyone but you will be very close to other rooms and share  the bathroom with others in the house, but apart from that, everything else is your personal space.’

Wow, exciting

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.28.31 pm.png

After a quick swim, Jack shows Cocoa around


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