400 years

400 years America ,
For 400 years America, we’ve been playing this game of cat and mouse,

and for 400 years America, you refuse to give us the keys to the house.

For 400 years America , we’ve been asking to be free,

and for 400 years America , you sat there and you promised me,

all the freedom I could ask for , for just a small fee
For 400 years America , we’ve been paying that small fee in sweat, tears and blood

For over 400 years America, we have witnessed the flood,

from the storm clouds that burst in a black mother’s eyes.

The Storm that rages in her heart as she cries.

The Lightening that strikes her heart as she watches her son bleed as he dies.

For over  400 years America , we’ve had to watch our people bleed,

for over 400 years America , you’ve literally scorched and scattered and destroyed our seed.

For over 400 years America our sons, daughters, fathers , mothers have bled

and for over 400 years tear after tear was shed

The flags that represent you, makes you free.

But the same flags that represent you, doesn’t represent me.

The flag that represents words that say “all men are created equal” considered me an animal and there seemed to never be a sequel.

400 years later and still “no refuge can save, the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”

I am not blind, don’t need a stick or a stave, I am not foolish, I see the road that you have paved America!

For over 400 years, America, My brothers and sisters have fought for your pride

We carried your rifles, we lifted your flag and still you were snide

For over 400 years America, for you battles we’ve won

400 years later you still point your gun

It’s been 400 years America, goddamnit I am not a slave

I want my rights and you will not tell me how to behave!

You’ve always had freedom white man, and you don’t know how bad I crave!

that my kids grow up in freedom and for that I’ll be brave to the grave.

Even if it kills me, I will not let the color of my skin decide whether or not I win.

I will not let you, America, and your adulterous, heinous sin control me and the condition I am in

400 years later America, and you act like you still don’t know their names

400 years later America and you still plea ignorance, you don’t feel their pains

Emmit Till, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray

These are some of the lives from us you took away

400 years later and you still make us pay

and that’s not okay….

To you slavery was yesterday and we should shout free at last?

To you the last police shooting was last week, we shouldn’t riot,  it’s in the past,

You want us white washed but we can’t shake the scars from centuries in a cast

Freedom isn’t free, but I still believe, I still believe that someday my eyes will see, all nations, all skin colors under one tree, connected to one vine, to the divine

Micaiah W


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