gone faster than summer

The laughter evaporated from his eyes. His customary warmth gone faster than summer rain on the tarmac. Indeed even his focus was somewhere on the tree behind me, as if I had become invisible to him or he could not bare to see me at all. I’d crossed some invisible line, offended his sensibilities. I’d seen him do this to others before, but I’d thought our bond immune. Now my blood drained and heart hammered erratically. I was never afraid of his anger when it came as fire, for that burnt hot and fast. I was deathly afraid of his ice. It coated him like protective permafrost, it had saved him from the torments of his youth, but now the same method could isolate him from his new family, his friends. It was pointless to try to reach him now, my well meant words would bounce off as good as hard rain. But I would have to see him tomorrow, thaw his anger, return that loving spark to his eyes.

– Daisy


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