Matthew sat at the back of the bus, slowly and discretely sipping his hidden bottle of beer.  He used to love playing these silly games where he would get a kick out of doing something he knows is illegal, unfortunately, that’s the only ‘rebellious’ thing he does. You see, Matty over here is what we call a loser. It’s sad but it’s true, and whats even worse is that he knows it too (that rhymed). 

But if you look on the bright side, Matt is actually really attractive, as in insanely attractive. If only he removed those Harry Potter glasses, got his hair cut, grew some facial hair and probably changed his whole closet. Our boy Matt over here hasn’t even had a full sentence with a female out side of his university and that is why he was quite confused when he rEcoGnIZed a girl who just got on the bus. And by girl, I mean a hottie around the age of 22 or so.

Matt is very confused now, he’s never seen her before but he’s seen her so many times that he bets he could give a short biography of her life. Obviously Matty doesn’t think that’s possible, so instead he does the next logical thing and blames his confusion on the beer he’s been nursing for the last twenty minutes.

The girl eventually gets off just one stop before Matt’s destination, and as Matt starts to walk home, his mind starts to go through every scenario he can think about as to why he thought he saw the girl on the bus before. Then it suddenly clicks! His phone starts ringing…

‘Hey Matt, I just stopped of at the shops to buy some groceries at the mall, is there anything you want babe?’

‘Umm, maybe just some bread, the one at home is almost finished’

‘Yep, no problem, anything else?’

‘No, that’s all, oh and I saw you on the bus, you looked really nice, couldn’t pinpoint you at first but finally got it.’

Matt says to his girlfriend of 3 years. Turns out that Matt isn’t actually a loser, doesn’t wear Harry Potter glasses and actually has a decent taste in clothes. Oh and just one teeny tiny thing, Matt is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

xoxo krusty

__________________exclusively for the ‘Daily Prompt: Recognize‘_______________


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