Cocoa has always been the outgoing girl, all her life she has been invited to the best parties, dated the hottest guys and had the best clothes. But when one of her closest friend starts to turn on her and others follow, Cocoa isn’t so sure if she’s had it right all along. This is a new school that she has moved to and her goal is to remain as un-noticeable as possible. She wants no drama what so ever and will do her best to shy away from it, which from the start seems to be a very difficult task. She meets new people, meets some old ones, makes new friends and makes quiet a few enemies as well. Follow the 18 year old on her journey to the last year of her schooling.

I walk into the reception, and quietly wait until the receptionist has finished the phone call she is on. She looks good enough for a receptionist in a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, brown hair that is slowly starting to turn grey and light blue eyes that are warm and kind. She finishes the call she was on and tells me to take a seat.


umm... can I help you?

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